viernes, 20 de marzo de 2009

Roast beef, baked potatoes or boiled egss???

When cooking we generally use different verbs depending on the food we want to cook and how we want to cook it. The most frequent verbs that we may find are:

* ROAST: to cook large pieces of meat, potatoes, etc in an oven or over or in front of a fire. Examples: roast beef, roast chicken, roast potatoes...

*GRILL: to cook small or flat pieces of meat, fish using a gridiron and placing it under direct heat or fire (in American English BROIL)

* FRY:
to cook meat, fish, vegetables, eggs, chips, etc in shallow oil using a frying-pan

to cook bread, cakes, potatoes, beans, etc in an oven by means of dry heat.

* BOIL: to cover vegetables, eggs, rice, etc with water and heat them.

* STEAM: to place fish, pudding above boiling water.

* SAUTÉ: (French word) to fry vegetables very quickly in a small amount of oil.

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