miércoles, 8 de julio de 2009

King of Pop, Michael Jackson, passed away

We already know that Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, has died. Sad news for all those people who like him and love his music. From this site I just want to pay my humble tribute to this Music Star who will live forever in our hearts. His songs will make him live in eternity. Three videos conform my tribute:

* I Just Can't Stop Loving You, (with Siedah Garret, live Bucharest 1992). A very young Michael with his glorious voice seventeen years ago!!!!! Siedah Garret's voice is almost celestial. It's said that this song was written and dedicated to an impossible love, an unrequited love.

* Liberian Girl, maybe not a very well-known song but with a soft and smooth rhythm and with lots of famous people (actors, actresses, singers...).

* Billie Jean (live), New York 2001, absolute magic, the most energetic Jackob I've ever seen on stage.

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  1. Nice tribute to Michael Jackson. And you are right, his music will make him live in eternity. A great musician indeed. By the way, this last video is superb!
    Kisses, friend.