viernes, 1 de octubre de 2010

Public Transport (buses) in Brighton

Hello my friends!!!! It's been quite a long time since I last posted. I should welcome you and you can welcome me. I promise to show up more regularly. This time I want you to see how the English Transport Authorities in Brighton (England) use the rear part of their buses to send messages by means of subliminal advertising. Let's have a look:

Let's start from the end to the beginning:

* In the last photo the message is clear: "for the price of just one tank of petrol you will travel for a whole month on a bus. Save money".

* The message in the fourth photo tries to persuade us to change our minds about driving and parking our cars in the city centre. Nowadays it's almost impossible to park a car in the city centre of big cities. It can be a nightmare, so "come on board the public buses". You will not lose your temper and we will all "go the SANE way helping the environment".

* Picture 3: How often do you go shopping? The Public Transport can also take you there.

* Picture 2: Those drivers who like speeding should know that speed cameras are operating anytime anywhere. Be extremely careful. A fine of 60 pounds is waiting for you; it can be avoided boarding the Public Transport.

* Picture 1: Have you ever heard about "the last bus"? Have you been having a few drinks with some friends? In that case, you'd better get on the last bus. "Don't drive drunk", Stevie Wonder said.

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  1. Migue no me puedo creer que hayas estado en brighton!! allí he estado yo este verano :D que coincidencia! espero que te vaya todo bien!
    SONIA (alumna de Lora del Río)